Wednesday Adults and Youth Christian Education - W.A.Y.

Jesus said: "I am the Way, the Truth and The Life.


Our Wednesday evening programs are the foundations of the Christian Education and Music programs at the First Presbyterian Church.


Every Wednesday evening from September until late May, we offer Christian Education classes and choir programs for all ages - children, youth, and adults.  


On each Wednesday during the church year, we gather at 6:15 pm to begin our programs, and then we split into various age groups, as shown below.   For those who want to gather earlier we provide food and drink beginning at 5:00 to get you through the evening.

(Reservations (570-586-6306) are needed for the supper, but no reservations are required for the programs.)

  • Chapel Choir (grades K-6) begins at 5:30, under the direction of our organist, Kay Ten Eyck
  • All Christian Education classes begin at 6:15 pm
  • Adult choir rehearsal begins at 7:15 pm.  This choir welcomes young adults and older teens who love to sing.
  • The handbell choir begins at 8:30 pm.


  • Classes
    • Spark (Newborn - 3 year old) enjoy Bible stories, songs and games in the nursery.
    • Grace & Faith (4 year old - Grade 5) Young people will experience Bible stories through our new curriculum Growing in Grace & Gratitude. This spring, we’ll hear about light, listening, being found, and the joy of celebrating God’s grace and love. In May, we will recognize the gracious presence of Jesus in Our Eyes Were Opened, express gratitude for Forgiveness, hear about putting God first with Mary and Martha, and Return with Thanks in gratitude for the grace we’ve been given.
    • We Believe (Grades 6 and older) In May, we will conclude our year by examining Paul’s letters to hear themes of faith, love, joy, and unity.
    • PresbyYouth (Grades 9-12 and college-age adults) are encouraged to either join an adult class or participate in the middle school class.
    • Adults: meet in one or two classes throughout the church year with a variety of topics of concern to today's believers.
      • The Lord's Prayer: Entering into God's Country: The Lord's Prayer is so well known and so often repeated that we are apt to miss the great theological themes that present themselves in this prayer. Join us through April in a study based on Walter Wangerin, Jr.'s teaching on the Lord's Prayer. Discussion will be led by Judy Cutler and Amanda Roberts. Room 206.
      • Saints and Martyrs with Charlie Pinches. The pattern of Christ's death and resurrection is repeated in the inspiring lives of Christian saints and martyrs. This study will remember some of their extraordinary stories. Room 210
      • April 24 - In our only class of the evening, Glynis Johns, director of the Black Scranton project, will share her research on the hidden and under-reported African American population in our region. It is a fascinating and largely untold story. -more-
  • Choirs

    • Chapel Choir (5:30 - 6:10 pm) - .  This is our youth choir for children from Kindergarten through grade 6. In the choir, children begin to learn about church music and the role of music in worship while learning basics of choral singing, in a fun and age-appropriate setting.  All children are welcome; they need not be members of the church to participate.
    • Alleluia Choir (Alternate Thursdays begining Sept 14 at 6:30) - This is our middle and high school choir.
    • Adult Choir - (7:15 - 8:30 pm) Our adult choir, which includes teens above grade 7, is the primary choir, supporting our worship and other events and activities.  It is open to all who are interested in worhiping God with music.  There are no tryouts or auditions.
    • Handbell Choir- (8:30 - 9:15 pm) The handbell choir features a 3½ octave set of Malmark bells, choirchimes, and joins in worship about every six weeks.

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