Bible Study

We at First Presbyterian Church value our Christian Education programs, and an important part of Chirstian Education is the study of the Bible. 



Presbyterian Women

Two centuries after Presbyterian women first gathered to pray and give their money to the church, women have voice in the church and in the world. A legacy of devotion to the church and dedication to God are a strong foundation for continuing mission and taking Christ into every area of life in Presbyterian women’s third century of organization. Presbyterian Women exists today because women are adaptable, determined, proactive, charitable, generous and dedicated to God.

The specifics of how PWC groups operate depend on the needs and desires of the groups. Some congregations have multiple PWC groups, usually called circles. Here at First Presbyterian, we have three circles, Dorcas, Priscilla, and Eunice.  For the time being, the three meet as one group on the third Tuesday morning of each month at 10:00 am for fellowship and Bible study.


Men's Breakfast

Every Thursday morning, the men of the church met for light breakfast and bible study.


Immerse Bible Reading Experience

For those who struggle with reading the bible and those who find the language cumbersom and hard to read, we offier the Immerse Bible Reading Experience. The groups met either weekly or bi-weekly (their choice). and review an Immerse book in eight, one-hour meetings. Each Immerse book includes several books of the Bible. The good news is we are renewing the Immerse program this fall, probably as a video meeting format. Contact the office at 570-586-6306, or register here if interested.



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