“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are your doing for others?’”





Our decades-long connection to the Haitian village of Gwo-Jan continues. At the point of this connection stands our friend Yaya (Williamson Jacques) , who lived among us while achieving his college degree and then returned the village. Yaya persists in his work and dream to build a better Haiti for himself, his family and friends, and the future, amid the despair, frustrations, and very real dangers of his home.

In September 2023 we received from Yaya the names of thirteen Gwo-Jan children, ranging in age from 5 - 20.. They lacked the required tuition to attend, which ranges from $ 115.00 - $ 375.00 per student. We included tuition support for them in 2024-2024 as part of our 2023 Advent “Gifts for Strangers” event and successfully raised the funds needed to continue supporting them next year.

Read Yaya's Report


In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we gave money to St. Vladimer Ukranian Catholic Church, which is collecting and sending releveant supplies and donations to the Ukarnian people.

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Central European Mission

This year brought a significant change in our mission outreach to Europe. Previously we supported Dr. Liz Searles who worked with youth in Romania. She resigned in January and we have switched our mission support to Burkhard Paetzold. He works out of Germany to the whole of central Europe. He has long worked with the Roma people and has now added attention to the Refugee problem. His newsletters can be found on the Presbyterian Mission Agency website.

Asian Mission

Our missionaries teach English and art in an elementary school and host neighbors in their home as a community resource. Through their interactions they reinforce Christian principles, manners, and health.

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Alternative Gift Market

This annual event is held in late autumn to promote alternative gift shopping. Participants have included: SERRV, Heifer International, Verve Vertu, Appalachian Service Project, Presbyterian Coffee Project, and Pygmy Project.

Presbyterian Coffee Project

For many years First Presbyterian has only used Free Trade/Fair Trade Coffee during Fellowship Hour between services and in the church office coffee pot. The coffee (and cocoa) is available for purchase at our cost.

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Groundswell International

Groundswell International is the parent organization to many local organizations in several countries, including Haiti, which is our focus of support. The local organization in Haiti supported by Groundswell is the Partnership for Local Development Organization directed by Jean Baptiste Contave. Groundswell empowers people to build healthy farming food systems from the bottom up.

Reaching the Pygmies MInistry

We are supporting a program for the Batwas Pygmies in southwest Uganda.

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