Order of Worship


In worship, we follow an order called The Service for the Lord’s Day. This basic format is the predominant way that Christians around the world have worshiped since the days following Jesus’ resurrection. In fact, the basic order is rooted in the synagogue worship of Jesus’ day. It’s a four-fold pattern that unfolds like a story: (1) the people of God gather, (2) we listen for God to speak, (3) we respond to God’s word, and (4) we depart to serve in God’s world. At each point, we repeat certain activities, knowing that repetition will shape the ways that believe, obey and serve God. While our worship leaders guide us through this service, they keep our words fresh and our hearts engaged.


Gather in God’s Name
• Gathering Music
• Concerns of the Church 
• Musical Prelude 
• Call to Worship
• Hymn
• Call to Confession, with Prayer of Confession and Silent Confession
• Assurance of Pardon
• Passing of the Peace
• Gloria Patri


Proclaim God’s Word
• Prayer for Illumination
• First Scripture Lesson
• Psalter
• A Time with Children
• Choral or Musical Anthem
• Second Scripture Lesson
• Sermon


Respond to God’s Word
• Hymn
• Affirmation of Faith
• Offering (with Offertory Music)
• Doxology
• Prayer of Dedication
• Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (celebrated on the first Sunday of the month)


Go in God’s Name
• Hymn
• Charge and Benediction
• Musical Postlude



This Sunday's Order of Worship

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